NUMECA FINE Acoustics 8.1 Free Download x64


NUMECA FINE Acoustics 8
Download NUMECA FINE Acoustics 8 free latest version offline setup for Windows 64-bit. NUMECA FINE Acoustics 8 free download is a powerful application for the engineers providing a variety of simulation and analysis features for physical components.

NUMECA FINE Acoustics 8

FINE™/Acoustics is a complete simulation suite for the analysis of a broad range of industrial applications involving Acoustics, Vibro-Acoustics and Aero-Acoustics, from fast pre-design calculations to detailed large scale analysis.

  • Acoustic sources retrieved from experiments or defined analytically.
  • Noise propagation analysis in uniform and non-uniform mean flows.
  • Sound absorption from porous/fibrous materials and perforated sheets.
  • Impedance boundary condition to simulate acoustic liners.

Iterative FEM (Finite Element Method) and BEM (Boundary Element Method) solvers, for propagation analysis,based on multi-frequency parallelization technology.
FW-H (Ffowcs Williams-Hawkings) solver for radiation analysis, compatible with fixed/rotating, solid/porous radiation surfaces.
Impedance Matrix method for the Transmission Loss analysis of mufflers and exhaust systems.
Eigenvalues analysis for cavity modes detection.
CAPABILITIES:Vibro acoustics
Structure excitation based on acoustic sources, unsteady pressure fields and point forces applied to the vibrating structure.
Fluid-structure coupling based on import of structural modes (from NASTRAN, ABAQUS, ANSYS).
FEM-BEM solvers for fully coupled vibro-acoustic simulations.
Mixed direct-indirect BEM approach to include thin shells in frequency response analysis.
FEM cavity modes analysis including sound absorption and structure vibration.
NUMECA FINE Acoustics 8
Efficient simulation of TONAL and BROADBAND noise sources thanks to the full integration with NUMECA’s CFD methods (used for noise source characterization).
Possibility to exploit CFD solutions obtained with any CFD tool on the market (import of CGNS, Tecplot, FieldView file formats).

  • Integration with the Nonlinear Harmonic (NLH) method for the simultaneous simulation of TONAL noise source and propagation including liners (ASME GT2014-26429 and ETC ETC2015-197 papers).
  • Orders of magnitude faster than with propagation approaches based on unsteady CFD solutions.
  • FINE™/Acoustics includes the Flow-Noise method for the analysis of BROADBAND noise based on the reconstruction of synthetic turbulence from a steady RANS solution (SAE 2015-01-2329 paper).
  • LES, DES, U-RANS solutions can be imported in FINE™/Acoustics and used to characterize the source region and to compute the sound propagation.

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